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About Us


One of a Kind

Dr. Izzy Hirji has been working with domestic and wildlife species for over a decade, and has degrees in zoology and veterinary medicine. He has been a long-time animal advocate and has worked with many animal rescue facilities around the world. He strongly believes that every individual of every species deserves the same level of care and compassion. 

With a passion for wildlife and animal rescue, he started Hirji Mobile Veterinary Services to serve rescue facilities and wildlife centres without on-site veterinary care, by having a veterinarian come to you. Asides from routine medical care, we focus on preventive health programs, nutrition, husbandry and species management and emergency medicine. 

Dr. Hirji has also worked in clinical practice with companion animals and exotics for many years. Knowing how difficult it is to find a vet with exotics experience, and how stressful it can be to visit the vet, he wanted to create a solution by providing the care you need at your doorstep. 

This truly is a one of a kind service in Ontario!

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